Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentines day.

Usually love it, I have a feeling not this year.
I dont want to spend a lot of money, so I am at a loss.
I wanted to see Dear John :)
And I really want Accidently Demonic by Dakota Cassidy.
Say what you will, might sound bad and it is.
I love bad books, and I love Dakota Cassidy.
She is hilarious, I mean laugh out loud funny.
She is a lil raunchy, and excuse me but I dont think it killed anybody.
There the books you secretly want to read but you wont ever open it.
Well, I am comfortable with who I am and I will open every book from her accidental series.
I have a thing with vampires and werewolfs, and thats how I came across  her.
The first book I read was her second one out of the accidental series, it was the accidental vampire.
Nina is the main character and she accidently gets bit (yes an accident) by a vampire and than falls in love with him.
She has one dirty mouth and its one dirty, funny book.
So than I read the first one (I did it backwards) the accidental werewolf. Same concept, than the accidental human(Have to read it to understand it) and now here is the fourth one. Which I am interested in not only because I love her series but she had a book I read outside of the series called, "Kiss and Hell." Its about spirtits, demons, and a medium or physic. (cant think of the correct name)
Anyways, its just a silly book. I have yet to read her other books, because there more erotica and that crosses a certain line with me lol.
But yes, I love to read and love suggestions. 
I will read almost anything, as long as there is a lil drama and a lil romance lol.
I am a girly  girl when it comes to my books, cant a girl drift off in a book and live through the main character?
I guess I will have to wait for my book though, *sigh :P

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