Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Its been too long.

Good morning everyone! It has been awhile since I have blogged. I suppose I hadnt been in the mood, but today is a lovely day and besides my headache... I think it will be a good Tuesday.
Anyways, updates? Well...
Justin started his new Job, and he is very excited as well as I am.
Chester has become more of a shithead, excuse my language.lol
Oh, I found Uber cute pics of Lilly as a puppy last night. You have no idea how happy they made me :)
My mom and I had a wonderful weekend, she spoiled us rotten too which I cant complain.
We decided Brita was a better idea than bottled waters yesterday lol.
One tree hill Just seems to get more like a soap opera everyday, but I still am addicted.
We got the finishing touches in the apartment, now I need to get pics!
I am starting to dislike my job again, but hopefully (doubtful) it will be motivation for another job.
Oh! And I am very hungry so will have to update more later! 
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

(Here are the pics I found)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day In Allen

My mom is visiting this week :) So I probably wont write too much, but I am very happy she is here. Its weird being far from your best friend, so its nice :) Anyways, Justin and I woke up this morning and it was snowing! Not like this is new here, but it still is for me considering I lived in San Antonio/Mexico my whole life lol.
So we had to take the dogs out to make some yellow snow, and here are some pics!

Everyone have a good day :D

They loved the snow!

They are cute, until they fight lol.



Friday, February 5, 2010

Burgers, Mooooo

Today has been an alright day so far... Just chilled, took pics, went to target, and ate lunch.
 Speaking of lunch...
So here in Allen, there is a place called Mooyah burgers. I was so unbelievably impressed, still am every visit.
People that work there are nice, food comes out fast, and the burgers have thin meat which I love. Our favorite is just the Mooyah burger.
It has two slices, and you get to pick all the toppings you want. Its a beautiful thing :)
But my beautiful sis-inlaw and my mother in-law keep telling me how good Scotty P's is, well I took it to the test.
Which is better?   


We showed up to Scotty P's today for lunch, and I definitly didnt like the envirorment.
Justin did say though, that all of them are different so I didnt care.
This one was just very dark, and looked like a BBQ pit or something.
Anyways, so I ordered the original with no onions and on a wheat bun. She asked if I wanted to add cheese, I made it very clear I didnt but thanked her anyways.
(I cant stand anything other than cheddar on a burger)
So we looked at the receipt just for kicks, and it said they charged us for cheese. So Justin tells them and they fix it, no biggy right?
So the burgers come out, and it took forever. I got sweet potato fries, which were fabulous by the way.
I checked my burger, and they put onions on it.
I am hungry and try not to be bitter lol. We tell them, they say they will bring it out in a moment.
Well, forever later after Justin has already finished his meal... it comes out. Yes, it came out the way I wanted.
So I bite into it, very excited after the wait.
My bun is burned, so overall I was disappointed.
I am forever dedicated to the amazing Mooyah burgers, plus its closer and way more reasonable price wise.
I thought it was ridiculous how much we paid at Scotty P's.
Anyways, so if you live in the area I personally recommend my Mooyah :)

Here are some pics we took today...


Have a nice day everyone!
Here are the night pictures for the birthday Boys and my beautiful sis in-law at On the Border.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Screaming jeans of a Newlywed

I don't care who you are, you can be a model for all I care.
You will gain something when you get married, its just what happens.
Go for it, be like me and say you wont be that person.
It will happen to you, I am not saying I gained a lot to where its bad and very noticeable.
But I have noticed, and it pisses me off to be quite frank. My skinny jeans, are screaming jeans at this point. They are screaming for room to breath!

But its fine I suppose, I have a husband who is glad I did lol. Who wants to be a hundred pound girl with no curves and looks like a boy? Well I can think of a few, but thats besides the point :p lol.

We cant help how much we love pasta, breads, and dessert. :D

All the things I want, cant have, or dont need

Rose floating candles from pottery barn, too cute.

A life... :P

a buffet.

AND a vacation to anywhere other than Texas :D

Plus a RIDICULOUSLY expensive camera that I can take some professional pics with :D

Anyone have suggestions on things me and hubby can do that don't cost lots of $ and that isn't tv, movies, or eating at typical food places?

I am very bored these days, and just tired of the same ol same.

Food FAZE of the month.

Tea and Crumpets anyone?

If you know me, I go through fazes. One month I am obsessed with ramen, the next I am obsessed with grilled cheese. But the next month I am totally burned out, so I guess if anyone wants to catch up on my boring cravings...here ya go.

AND I guess you can say my drink fazes this year have been, Perrier
Publish Post

Anyways, that was my random food FAZE craze of the month.
Blog l8tr.
<3 xoxoxoxo

Valentines day.

Usually love it, I have a feeling not this year.
I dont want to spend a lot of money, so I am at a loss.
I wanted to see Dear John :)
And I really want Accidently Demonic by Dakota Cassidy.
Say what you will, might sound bad and it is.
I love bad books, and I love Dakota Cassidy.
She is hilarious, I mean laugh out loud funny.
She is a lil raunchy, and excuse me but I dont think it killed anybody.
There the books you secretly want to read but you wont ever open it.
Well, I am comfortable with who I am and I will open every book from her accidental series.
I have a thing with vampires and werewolfs, and thats how I came across  her.
The first book I read was her second one out of the accidental series, it was the accidental vampire.
Nina is the main character and she accidently gets bit (yes an accident) by a vampire and than falls in love with him.
She has one dirty mouth and its one dirty, funny book.
So than I read the first one (I did it backwards) the accidental werewolf. Same concept, than the accidental human(Have to read it to understand it) and now here is the fourth one. Which I am interested in not only because I love her series but she had a book I read outside of the series called, "Kiss and Hell." Its about spirtits, demons, and a medium or physic. (cant think of the correct name)
Anyways, its just a silly book. I have yet to read her other books, because there more erotica and that crosses a certain line with me lol.
But yes, I love to read and love suggestions. 
I will read almost anything, as long as there is a lil drama and a lil romance lol.
I am a girly  girl when it comes to my books, cant a girl drift off in a book and live through the main character?
I guess I will have to wait for my book though, *sigh :P

Good Mornin, on this rainy day!

Hello there, it is 8:53am and I have come to the conclusion I sleep a lot.
This is the earliest I have been up in awhile, which is really sad considering I am always in bed from at least 10:30 to 12:00 the night before.
It doesn't matter if I get six hours or ten hours, I am always exhausted.
Anyways, Update on life...
*Justin has picked up his guitar, so hopes in him writing more? I think so :)
I put the guitar and amp in the living room in hopes he will see it everyday, and get the motivation he might need.
*I seem to be always sick, I don't think the Dallas area likes me even though I like it :(
*My babies are doing good, - the fact Chester got sick the other day. It was pretty bad :/ But thankfully we have established Justin is poopy throw up man lol. Poor guy, I just cant do it without getting sick myself.
*Working at Bj's has actually got better, I don't know why. But I still need to get another job, something more steady and something to where I wont be serving grumpy people.
Tell me? How is it that people go out to eat, aren't at work? And there server (who's job sucks) is happier than them? For real, put on a smile...its ridiculous.
*So I decided I wanna be that "Cute couple", that do weird exciting things lol.That travel, who goes to shows (I wanna see wicked), and do different things.
Just saying, dreamin, ya know lol.

So yesterday Justin and I picked up a chair at his parents, because we had a empty space in our living room.
Chester has claimed it...

And yes, we haven't hung our ceiling fan yet.

Oh how could I forget, Chester loves dads guitar. He used to be scared of it, and now he falls asleep to it :) Too cute

And I couldn't forget my little baby girl :)

Who apparently likes to dance and party wit her momma.

Well I have to get ready for work, so I will Blog L8tr.

Here is a pic that expresses how feisty Chester and I are... :P

Rarwww. xoxo
Jillian, Justin, Lilly, and Chestdog