Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Silly lil updates on silly lil lilly, Chestdog, Bustin and Finillian.

So here goes another blog, and why not brag about how cute my pups are again? I don't care if its annoying, there the only babies I will be having for awhile lol.
I found that picture above in my camera, it was the first day for Chester and I in the new apartment. He was so tiny, and I miss him to where I can pick him up but its he is this big, handsome dog who is still cute to me :)

So I am officially there when it comes to Lilly being apart of the family.
She is not second place against Chester to me, she really is my sweet little girl.
I love her very much, and sometimes I like her more than Chester since she isn't as much of a shithead. Excuse my language...but there is no other way of describing Chester's stubbornness and brat like tendencies lol. And no, that still wasn't describing it... :P
Anyways, Lilly has become this amazing puppy.
She is a cuddler for sure, and definitely a mamas girl (which I love)
She is so pretty and a dainty little thang compared to Chester...

But yes, they are my world as if you couldn't tell. Justin and I are very happy with how fast are family has grown, its gonna be crazy when we decide to have kids lol. But than I will have three babies I suppose :)

K now enough about them I guess... lol
Me and Bustin Boyd Bells are doing fabulous, we both were shocked by some news yesterday that I don't feel like mentioning.
But Justin and I love each other, and we both know we will get through this rough time.
Were moving in our new apartment in two days, which is stressful but exciting.
And as we speak I am making some Parmesan chicken that I made with a Caesar salad and pasta. Jummy jummy.
Were trying to think positive in such a time, which is hard to do but thankfully I have such a wonderful, funny, husband.
He makes it easy to take a breather, anyways...
Were gonna eat now :D
Blog l8tr, here are some random pictures just for randomness sake.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Herrrooo there...

Not like anyone seems to read my blogs, but I feel I don't write enough so I guess I will for my own happiness lol.

Right now I am watching Ellen, after work so I haven't been completely lazy today. I love seeing the ladies crawl on the floor in blind folds to find the half naked man sitting down, lol ANYWAYS... (So silly)

Today is beautiful outside :D Seriously!!! Friday we are transferring to our new apartment which I am SOOO ready for. But we will always love our tiny apartment and wont forget it...
I have "memories" stuck in my are pics of our first home together.

Those were taken pretty much right in the beginning, its changed a little now but that's our home.

Here is some DEMO pics of our NEW apartment :D
(Have to post pics when we move in and get settled of course!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Funny Dogs

I have had many dogs, but I have to say Chester is one of the most interesting of the bunch. He is such a strange big puppy, but we love him so much of course.
A few reasons that you will understand were not being mean by calling him strange.

*He just adores the vacuum. Not like, tolerates it...but looks at it like the vacuum is his own flesh and blood. His tail wags a mile a minute, his ears go down in admiration, and he will paw at it lightly and playfully while he licks it to death.

*Boy does he love showers, not just being underneath the warm water but even just licking the shower walls while someone else in the shower. Everything about the shower, he loooves.

*He sits in the strangest positions, even if he is laying down somehow he will look odd. If he is laying on his stomach, and you go to touch it...expect legs wide open and him expecting a belly rub.

*Do not eat food around him, or tease him with it. He is a fat boy! He will knock anything out of your hands to get to it if he can.

I could list more, but really he is the sweetest puppy I have ever had in my life. Plus Lilly, she is just a sweetheart.

We are learning things about her too... like how she is an attention whore lol. She is probably THE sweetest thing in the world. She would kiss you and cuddle with you all day if you let her. She is a good girl, she doesn't even bother us when we eat :P

So that was The puppy blog, our babies our are world.