Saturday, March 20, 2010

My little alcoholics.

So I haven't been in the blogging mood, really. But I felt the need to do so today, so here goes.
Warning, there is negativity. lol

So, sometimes...I just want to scream, or hit something. Maybe a wall, but god knows we have given enough money to this apartment complex lol.

I will get into that, while I vent. A very "nice" women that works for our complex, lives in our building. She lives on the third floor, and said she saw me let Chester poop and didnt pick it up. Which is utter bull, because I remember perfectly he didnt. And even if he did, I am very good about picking it up. So she fined us $150.00, I was livid. First off, Chester pee's weird and second, being on the third floor how could u tell the difference. So anyways, stalker lady who apparently does nothing but look out her window and off her porch has a special place in my heart now lol.

Now, the thing that has truly been bothering me the most, where I am just absolutely depressed is I miss my family and friends in SA terribly.

My mom is everything to me, and when Justin is working till ten at night... I cant help but think that if she lived here, we would be having dinner and I wouldn't be home alone disciplining the dogs and cooking dinner for one.
I miss having coffee at starbucks, and going to taco cabana while I force her to drink a much needed margarita while we split some super nachos. I even miss when she drags me around in stores I hate, or takes an hour to find a card at hallmark.

I talk to her everyday, but its not the same.

And I miss my friends, old coworkers... you name it. Not that I dont have awesome friends, family and coworkers here but my friends who I miss have known me better than anyone here.
But hopefully (though I have a hard time calling friends) we stay in touch and when I do come to SA we can still chill. One of my best friends is getting married next year, and now I have a veryyyyy good excuse to come to SA :)
Anyways, I will stop with the sadness.

I do have very good days, we have had some really good ones with Marissa and Cody lately. They find out if they are having a boy or a girl tuesday, and I cant wait till my neice or nephew is here!
The dogs are doing good, had there stitches out yesterday from being spayed and neutered.Chester is a monster still and Lilly is my baby girl. He is fifty three pounds (there only seven months old) and she is thirty, I sometimes miss how tiny they were!

Well, tonight I am going out and am ready to have a glass of wine after my day at work! So I will Blog l8tr.
Everyone have a good rest of the weekend!

Here are some pics!

They didnt drink anything! I promise lol.