Friday, February 5, 2010

Burgers, Mooooo

Today has been an alright day so far... Just chilled, took pics, went to target, and ate lunch.
 Speaking of lunch...
So here in Allen, there is a place called Mooyah burgers. I was so unbelievably impressed, still am every visit.
People that work there are nice, food comes out fast, and the burgers have thin meat which I love. Our favorite is just the Mooyah burger.
It has two slices, and you get to pick all the toppings you want. Its a beautiful thing :)
But my beautiful sis-inlaw and my mother in-law keep telling me how good Scotty P's is, well I took it to the test.
Which is better?   


We showed up to Scotty P's today for lunch, and I definitly didnt like the envirorment.
Justin did say though, that all of them are different so I didnt care.
This one was just very dark, and looked like a BBQ pit or something.
Anyways, so I ordered the original with no onions and on a wheat bun. She asked if I wanted to add cheese, I made it very clear I didnt but thanked her anyways.
(I cant stand anything other than cheddar on a burger)
So we looked at the receipt just for kicks, and it said they charged us for cheese. So Justin tells them and they fix it, no biggy right?
So the burgers come out, and it took forever. I got sweet potato fries, which were fabulous by the way.
I checked my burger, and they put onions on it.
I am hungry and try not to be bitter lol. We tell them, they say they will bring it out in a moment.
Well, forever later after Justin has already finished his meal... it comes out. Yes, it came out the way I wanted.
So I bite into it, very excited after the wait.
My bun is burned, so overall I was disappointed.
I am forever dedicated to the amazing Mooyah burgers, plus its closer and way more reasonable price wise.
I thought it was ridiculous how much we paid at Scotty P's.
Anyways, so if you live in the area I personally recommend my Mooyah :)

Here are some pics we took today...


Have a nice day everyone!
Here are the night pictures for the birthday Boys and my beautiful sis in-law at On the Border.



  1. The name alone sells me on the place. Mooyah? That's hysterical. Always take the burger joint with a sense of humor.

  2. I am sorry your experience at Scotty P's was not good. Which one did you go to? I have been to McKinney, Plano, and Garland. McKinney was my best experience. I did take out at the Allen one and it was dark...Plano was okay, but Garland...bad experience.

  3. Your wedding photos are beautiful and your dog is so cute!

    Kate x

  4. It was the one in Allen, right near on the border.

    and thank u Kate

  5. The fact that the place is called Mooyah is just AWESOME!