Thursday, February 4, 2010

All the things I want, cant have, or dont need

Rose floating candles from pottery barn, too cute.

A life... :P

a buffet.

AND a vacation to anywhere other than Texas :D

Plus a RIDICULOUSLY expensive camera that I can take some professional pics with :D

Anyone have suggestions on things me and hubby can do that don't cost lots of $ and that isn't tv, movies, or eating at typical food places?

I am very bored these days, and just tired of the same ol same.


  1. Hi Jillian! How did I not know you had a blog?! Well, I'm glad you do! I love those floating candles, so pretty!

    As for date ideas, we are always looking for new things to do. I don't know what is in Dallas, but try looking at stuff online like a tourist. We've found lots of things that way that we didn't know were around! As for free things, we like to go on walks or drive around and look at dream homes. We mix up movie night by having a theme, like Asian night or something. Cook some sweet & sour chicken and watch a Jackie Chan movie or something. Makes them seem a little less lame :)

    Whew, long comment! Hope those ideas help, though!

  2. awww.i love them all! I love walks, but I have to usually drag Justin along :P
    So I think I am gonna try all the things you suggested, they sound like stuff I would want to do. Even the dream homes :D lol. Doesnt hurt to dream!