Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Mornin, on this rainy day!

Hello there, it is 8:53am and I have come to the conclusion I sleep a lot.
This is the earliest I have been up in awhile, which is really sad considering I am always in bed from at least 10:30 to 12:00 the night before.
It doesn't matter if I get six hours or ten hours, I am always exhausted.
Anyways, Update on life...
*Justin has picked up his guitar, so hopes in him writing more? I think so :)
I put the guitar and amp in the living room in hopes he will see it everyday, and get the motivation he might need.
*I seem to be always sick, I don't think the Dallas area likes me even though I like it :(
*My babies are doing good, - the fact Chester got sick the other day. It was pretty bad :/ But thankfully we have established Justin is poopy throw up man lol. Poor guy, I just cant do it without getting sick myself.
*Working at Bj's has actually got better, I don't know why. But I still need to get another job, something more steady and something to where I wont be serving grumpy people.
Tell me? How is it that people go out to eat, aren't at work? And there server (who's job sucks) is happier than them? For real, put on a smile...its ridiculous.
*So I decided I wanna be that "Cute couple", that do weird exciting things lol.That travel, who goes to shows (I wanna see wicked), and do different things.
Just saying, dreamin, ya know lol.

So yesterday Justin and I picked up a chair at his parents, because we had a empty space in our living room.
Chester has claimed it...

And yes, we haven't hung our ceiling fan yet.

Oh how could I forget, Chester loves dads guitar. He used to be scared of it, and now he falls asleep to it :) Too cute

And I couldn't forget my little baby girl :)

Who apparently likes to dance and party wit her momma.

Well I have to get ready for work, so I will Blog L8tr.

Here is a pic that expresses how feisty Chester and I are... :P

Rarwww. xoxo
Jillian, Justin, Lilly, and Chestdog

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