Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good OL TiMeS!

Sometimes you just want to go back when everything was so simple, when you were so naive, and all you did was just have fun in your own little world. Now its a bigger world, with big problems, and nothing is simple lol. But I would still rather be an adult, its just sometimes you look back and smile :p
I am excited to see my mom this friday! Looking at pictures, I miss her so much!
Anyways, updates:
Chester and Lilly have a bacterial infection, its been really fun lol. NOT. Umm, its been really shitty...literally. Excuse my language :P
They are on loads of medication and it has not been easy trying to give them to em. Lilly doesnt like the food, I have to spoon feed it. Chester LOVES it. There are so chewy pills, Lilly hates it and once again...Chester LOVES it. Than there is this one liquid we have to give them, and they run once they see me take it out lol.
Two more weeks of this, and hopefully they will be healthy again!
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Love the family nostalgic post. Great stuff. Stumbled across your blog via the blogger café and now following. Hoping good health returns to Chester and Lilly soon.