Monday, January 25, 2010

Herrrooo there...

Not like anyone seems to read my blogs, but I feel I don't write enough so I guess I will for my own happiness lol.

Right now I am watching Ellen, after work so I haven't been completely lazy today. I love seeing the ladies crawl on the floor in blind folds to find the half naked man sitting down, lol ANYWAYS... (So silly)

Today is beautiful outside :D Seriously!!! Friday we are transferring to our new apartment which I am SOOO ready for. But we will always love our tiny apartment and wont forget it...
I have "memories" stuck in my are pics of our first home together.

Those were taken pretty much right in the beginning, its changed a little now but that's our home.

Here is some DEMO pics of our NEW apartment :D
(Have to post pics when we move in and get settled of course!)

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